Educational Development

Educational development consists of Delta Academy, Delta G.E.M.S. and scholarship. Each program and committee plays an active role in the educational movement, seeking to inspire, motivate and support the aspirations and achievements of youth and young adults.  To help promote and enhance academic excellence through programs, tolls and scholarships. 

The ultimate goal is to design and develop educational programs and activities that will increase the Oklahoma Sooner City Alumnae Chapter’s effectiveness in the community in the field of education. Our Educational development programs also provide additional educational support for the community, such as tutoring opportunities for schools, reading labs, and volunteer work.

The 2022 Delta Academy application is now available! Download it here: 2022 Delta Academy Application

The 2022 Delta G.E.M.S. application is now available! Download it here: 2022 DELTA G.E.M.S. Application

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